Landscape Design

We take our time to craft a suitable design for you

What is the importance of design you may ask? Before we begin any landscaping job, design is a must do. With this task completed, you know exactly the new look of your home beforehand. Our eye-catching designs are exact and to scale, ensuring that areas won’t feel crowded or neglected. We can accurately show you how your trees or pergola will fit or which way the shade will be cast at specific times.

Our in house 2D and 3D design gives homeowners insight on the project at hand. Once we meet with you to discuss your projects wish list, zoning restrictions and budget; our team will accurately calculate areas of patios, sod, mulch, ETC and provide you with a 2d blueprint and a 3d rendering.

Rather than hide the cost of our designs in the job’s price, we charge an upfront fee anywhere from $500 for simple designs, up to $2000 for complex projects. Typically, you can expect the overall cost of your design to be approximately 2.5% of the project. Once we are done with a design, it belongs to you, at this point you are free to work with our team or get bids from other landscapers; you have the freedom to find the best contractor for your specific needs.

We take your imagination and make it a reality. You may consider design an expensive addition to your project, but it is rather an important step to having your dream backyard. Accurate calculations of deck, patio, sod and mulch, ensures you are not being overcharged on the area if provided with SQFT pricing from a landscaper, often this alone can save you the cost of the design.

You can be confident that working with Earlybird Landscaping on your landscape design will be a smooth and enjoyable process that will leave your mind at ease while your dream yard becomes a reality.


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